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Latest News On The Stimulus Package

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Are We Getting Another Stimulus Check In 2021

The latest on another stimulus package that could mean another payment for some Americans

Whether we get another stimulus check in 2021 depends on how much momentum the proposals for more checks gain.

There are still some people who’ve not yet received the third stimulus check, but we’ve got a handy guide for what to do if you’re missing your stimulus check payment. It’s worth checking if you’re eligible for most recent stimulus check as it’s worth up to $1,400 per person.

The IRS has reported that taxpayers whose direct-deposit information is on file should have seen their payments reach their bank accounts in April. Those who are waiting on paper checks and debit cards can expect to receive their funds in the coming weeks.

If you have received the third stimulus check and feel it’s too low, then take a look at our guide to the stimulus check calculator as that can show you what your own eligibility looks like. Keep in mind that there are a few factors that will affect the amount you are due or have received.

Fourth Stimulus Check Approval: Here’s What It’ll Take

The White House hasn’t responded to any of the proposals for additional stimulus checks, and the general sentiment is that a fourth stimulus check isn’t likely. Economists have suggested we’ve already moved past the pandemic’s worst financial woes, although there are signs that Americans could still use relief.

Experts certainly seem in agreement that there won’t be a fourth stimulus check. The latest stimulus package, the American Rescue Plan, is “gonna be the last on that front,” Deutsche Bank senior U.S. economist Brett Ryan told Fortune. “No more checks.”

Ed Mills, Washington policy analyst at Raymond James, agreed, telling CNBC recently “I think its unlikely at this time. D.C. has largely started to pivot towards the recovery and an infrastructure bill.”

Many economists and financial experts are worried that the third stimulus checks have contributed to a growing inflation rate. In June 2021, the core inflation rate, stripped of energy and food prices, rose 4.5% at an annual rate vs. the Dow Jones estimate of 3.8%. The overall consumer price index rose at an annualized 5.4% rate in June.

Fourth Stimulus Check Update

Bidens American Rescue Plan Act, which created the third stimulus checks, did boost tax credits for most parents with children under 18, but only for the year 2021. Most parents and legal guardians will receive a tax credit of $3,600 for children under six, and $3,000 per child aged six through 17.

Half of that credit is coming in the form of monthly advance payments to parents beginning July 15 $300 per month for younger kids, and $250 for older ones. Thats similar to the monthly recurring checks that some legislators have called for.

The same law also retroactively exempted a large chunk of unemployment benefits paid out in 2020 from federal income tax. People who collected unemployment in 2020 and paid tax on it are getting thousands of dollars in tax-refund checks.

The American Rescue Plan Act also offers tax credits that cover all or most of the cost of a Silver health-insurance plan for six months under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Youre eligible for this if you filed for unemployment benefits at any time in 2021, and if you dont currently get health insurance through Medicare, Medicaid or someone elses health plan.

Bidens American Families Plan, which is separate from the American Jobs Plan, will seek to extend those tax credits, including the advance payments, through the end of 2025.

The American Families Plan would also mandate up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave and subsidies for childcare.

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Stimulus News: Update Of The United States

Stimulus News: During the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, stimulus news cheques from the federal government came to the rescue of many Americans.

People are wondering what advantages are available where they live now that the responsibility for financial help has transferred to state governments.

A fourth stimulus check is being offered in some areas, while other states have additional alternatives.

Financial assistance in the United States is not restricted to stimulus cheques. Extended benefits programs, child tax credit assistance, and other tax incentives are also available.

We have a thorough list of all available aid in each of the 50 states of the United States, and youll be able to see where stimulus cheques are being written and how much money is being distributed promptly. Well also explain how to qualify for the payments and how to apply for them.

New Stimulus Package Will Provide Fiscal Aid To Usps


The November presidential elections will allow people to vote via mail. Keeping in mind the tough logistical issues, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have decided to introduce advanced programs to financially aid the US Postal Service. Previously, the House approved a bill regarding the same. However, it did not pass the Senate. Moreover, the skinny stimulus bill proposed by the Republicans also included this provision. However, this was struck down in the chamber floors.

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Unemployment Expected To Fall To 3 Percent

The US economy has been going gangbusters, recovering much faster than after the Great Recession. With covid-19 vaccine shots in their arms, Americans began venturing out once again driving up demand and hiring. This led to the most jobs gained on record in one year with the US adding 6.4 million in 2021.

The current unemployment rate of 4 percent though is still above the pre-pandemic level when it was 3.7 percent. And for all the jobs that were added there still remains a nearly similar number of Americans unemployed. However, the St Louis Fed President Jim Bullard predicts that it could , a level that could mean the economy is overheating.

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard sees the U.S. unemployment rate falling below 3% this year, a jobless rate the country last saw in the early 1950s, he told in a conversation on Twitter Spaces 1/3

Reuters Business

Thesis Two: Americans Need Additional Money To Cope With Rising Prices

The clearest argument for additional federal stimulus comes from actual data recorded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which found that government action during the heart of the pandemic kept 11 million Americans out of poverty. According to the HHS, The most impactful programs for alleviating poverty were economic impact payments under the ARP and unemployment compensation.

Elaine Maag, a senior research fellow at the Tax Policy Center, told Changing America that while another federal stimulus check is unlikely, it really could help American cope with rising inflation, particularly those with lower income. According to Maag, these types of households tend to have less money in emergency savings, so delivering some sort of cash benefit now would sort of protect them from the inflation thats happening around them.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang feels that the stimulus packages have gotten too much of the blame for inflation. As Yang told CNBC, Money in peoples hands for a couple of months last year in my mind was a very, very minor factor, in that most of that money has long since been spent and yet you see inflation continue to rise.

Yang has long been a proponent of universal basic income, and he feels that additional direct payments to Americans will help keep the economy stable during future crises and keep more Americans out of poverty.

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Official New Stimulus Package Announced 2022 & Biden Supporting Bill Stimulus Check Update

Its official. The long-awaited stimulus package will be requested by the administration, and a new bill recently introduced is getting support by the President. All of these updates, plus more on this topic.

All right. So what a coincidence. In fact, earlier today I was out with a video talking about this stimulus package that was supposed to be introduced about a month ago by the administration, and they wanted to get it fully passed by this Friday. While in that video from earlier, I was saying, hey, we havent heard anything about it. Looks like its not going to happen.

Sure enough, guess what they announced today. Im serious. This just happened. So what a coincidence. So I had that video out earlier today, and at the time, we didnt know anything about this.

But now since that video until now, yes, they have come out today talking about this stimulus package. I mean, seriously, what a coincidence. But anyway, heres what we know about it as of right now. Now, remember, just like all of the stimulus packages, they are all subject to change as they work their way through the congressional process. Right?

And now we got this information today. So heres what the details are as of right now. But remember, anything is subject to change out of this. So theyre going to be requesting $30 billion of new spending as a result of this new bill. The administration, as in the President will be calling on Congress to get this thing done.

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Stimulus Package Latest: Politicians Negotiate As Economic Damage Continues

Under the new legislation, federal unemployment checks have been extended to Sept. 6 at a $300 weekly rate. The package also reduces the tax burden on the unemployment money for households earning less than $150,000 a year. The new law renewed the weekly $300 federal unemployment checks, which wouldve expired March 14, without a gap in funding.

The plan also removes a provision that you have to make $2,500 a year to receive the credit and makes the credits fully refundable. In addition, it expands tax credits for one year to help cover the cost of child care. Families could get back as a tax credit as much as half their spending on child care for children under age 13, up to $4,000 for a single child and $8,000 for two or more children.

The new law provides financial assistance to families with children.

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China People’s Republic Of

Background. On early January 2020, Chinese authorities determined that a pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan was caused by a novel coronavirus. The government imposed strict containment measures, including the extension of the national Lunar New Year holiday, the lockdown of Hubei province, large-scale mobility restrictions at the national level, social distancing, and a 14-day quarantine period for returning migrant workers. Reflecting these containment measures, the economy contracted by 6.8 percent in 2020 Q1.

Vaccine. China has granted conditional market approvals for four COVID-19 vaccines, including three inactivated vaccines requiring 2 shots and an adenoviral vector vaccine requiring 1 shot. China also approved three vaccines for emergency use, including one recombinant protein subunit vaccine requiring 3 shots and two inactivated vaccines requiring 2 shots. As of June 29, China had reportedly administered 1,225.73 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines and has achieve the goal of vaccinating 40 percent of China’s population by the end of June. China aims to vaccinate 70-80 percent of its population by end-2021/beginning 2022 as it continues to make its vaccines available to other countries.

Key Policy Responses as of July 1, 2021
Monetary and macro-financial
Exchange rate and balance of payments

Will The Cost Of Health Insurance I Buy Through An Exchange Be Affected

The legislation lowers the cost of health insurance in many instances for people who bought their own coverage via a government exchange. And the premiums for those plans will cost no more than 8.5 percent of your modified adjusted gross income.

These changes will last through the end of 2022 and do not require people to re-enroll to access the lower prices.

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Stimulus Package For South Carolina

South Carolina received $8.8 billion from Joe Bidens American Rescue Plan Act. A large portion of that money will go toward education, but some coronavirus relief funds have yet to be distributed. We have a lot of money at our disposal, and were in a fantastic position to take some major, revolutionary measures, Governor Henry McMaster said.

Golden State Stimulus Ii

Latest news: Stimulus package $1200 finally!

California has been the most accommodating to its inhabitants thus far, establishing the Golden State Stimulus in two parts: Golden State Stimulus News I and Golden State Stimulus II.

Golden State Stimulus II checks were expected to arrive by October 31 and were worth between 600 and 1,100 dollars. However, some people who filed their taxes late or were expecting physical checks may get their new stimulus check in November instead.

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Commercial Paper Funding Facility

On March 17, 2020, the Fed established the Commercial Paper Funding Facility , which purchased short-term debt known as commercial paper to ensure that those markets stay liquid.

On March 23, 2020, the Fed broadened the variety of commercial paper it would buy to lower the pricing of the debt. This was actually a relaunch of a program that ran during the Great Recession when many businesses were hurt as liquidity in the commercial paper markets dried up.

While it has no set limit on the amount it purchased, the CPFF stopped purchasing debt on March 31, 2021, and the SPV will continue to be funded until its assets mature. The Treasury Department made a $10 billion equity investment in the CPFF from its ESF.

Some Legislators Are Still Pushing For Additional Federal Stimulus

Although overall the American economy has been very strong over the past year, there are signs of weakness that have some federal legislators clamoring for more stimulus. In addition to the skyrocketing inflation rate, which has significantly raised the basic cost of living for most Americans, assistance such as the expanded child tax credit, enhanced unemployment benefits and mortgage assistance programs have all expired. If the economy is headed for a recession, as some economists fear, many Americans will be thrown right back into a world of economic uncertainty.

Against this backdrop, various forms of legislation have been promoted over the past year or so, but none of it has yet to gain any traction. In March 2021, for example, 21 senators signed a letter requesting ongoing, monthly stimulus checks to Americans, but that went nowhere.

Live Updates: Inflation, Social Security and More Economic Updates

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Primary Dealer Credit Facility And Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility

On March 20, 2020, the Fed relaunched a Great Recession-era program: the Primary Dealer Credit Facility , which has given loans to primary dealers backed by a wide variety of securities as collateral. There was no set limit to the amount of credit issued. The program ran until March 31, 2021.

To add more liquidity to money markets, the Fed announced the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility on March 18, 2020. This program lent money to financial institutions so they can buy money market mutual funds.

This program was similar to the AMLF program launched in 2008 after the collapse of Lehman Brothers caused a major money market fund to fail. It did not have a specific lending limit but ended on March 31, 2021.

The Treasury Department gave the MMLF $10 billion of debt credit protection for the program. On May 5, 2020, the central bank said that participation in the MMLF wouldnt affect the liquidity coverage ratio of participating banks.

South Korea Fiscal Policy

The latest on stimulus

South Korea announced an 11.7 trillion billion stimulus and relief package on March 3, 2020. Among other things, it includes:

  • 2.3 trillion to medical funding for hospitals and quarantine efforts.
  • 2.4 trillion in small- and medium-sized business subsidies to help companies pay workers.
  • Childcare subsidies.
  • Job retraining for people who have lost their jobs .

On March 23, 2020, South Korea launched an 100 trillion won package to rescue failing companies, a package that had doubled in size since it was originally proposed on March 18, 2020. The full package included 25.5 trillion in loan guarantees and low-interest loans to South Korean companies and 29.1 trillion in asset purchases and loans to stabilize the stock and bond markets.

On March 30, 2020, the South Korean government announced that it would defer or exempt payment for pension and health industry contributions, as well as electrical bills for low-income families, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and some self-employed people. It included payments of up to 1 million per family for individuals and families in the lower 70% of income brackets.

On April 8, 2020, South Korea unveiled 36 trillion of additional financing for exporters and 17.7 trillion in additional liquidity for domestic companies, including prepaying for government contracts and purchases.

On April 23, 2020, the South Korean government announced another 85 trillion stimulus and relief package. It included:

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Congress Previously Acted Quickly To Get Relief To Americans Affected By The Pandemic

When the US and the world were put on lockdown, millions of workers were confined to their homes sending the unemployment rate skyrocketing to 14.7 percent in April 2020. Congress acted rapidly to pass the 2020 CARES Act to get relief to businesses and households, including the first round of stimulus checks of up to $1,200 for eligible adults and $500 per qualifying kid under age 17.

Congress also passed generous enhanced pandemic unemployment benefits which kept households afloat where workers businesses were shuttered or they had to stay home because of pandemic-induced upheavals in their lives. Those benefits were extended in 2020 and again in 2021 but have now ceased, being seen by some as the reason behind a severe labor shortage in the US.

Two more rounds of stimulus checks were also passed in the interim of up to $2,000 in total. They are credited with supercharging the economic recovery which had begun to lag at the end of 2020 as a new variant caused infections to surge. But the last one has also been blamed for the current high rate of inflation.

Number of unemployed people per job opening unchanged at 0.6 in December 2021 #BLSdata

BLS-Labor Statistics

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