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How Will Dependents Get Their Stimulus Check

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Stimulus Checks: No Taxable Income Or Address

Will my dependent college students get a stimulus check? Coronavirus Answers | COVID-19 in Context

Q. Im a single person that has a valid SSN, but I do not file a tax return because I do not have any taxable income. What should I do if I didnt receive any stimulus money?

A. For the first two rounds of economic impact payments, the taxpayer will need to file a 2020 tax return with the IRS and claim the recovery rebate credit. Eligible taxpayers who did not receive the maximum amount of advance payments and taxpayers who missed receiving the first or second stimulus payments altogether can claim a credit on their tax return for the amount they qualified for but did not receive as an advance payment. For example, a single taxpayer who was eligible for but did not receive either economic impact payment would be eligible to claim a recovery rebate credit in the amount of $1,800 .

If this same eligible taxpayer did not receive the third economic impact payment, they should receive that from the IRS after their 2020 tax return is processed. Once the IRS processes the taxpayers 2020 tax return, the IRS will use the information from the 2020 tax return to determine eligibility for the third round of payments. In this case, if the IRS determines the taxpayer is eligible for the full third economic impact payment and no payment has been made to that taxpayer, the IRS will issue an additional $1,400 to that individual. The FAQs available on this IRS webpage help explain the process someone should follow in this situation to complete their tax return.

How Much Does The Third Stimulus Check Pay

The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan includes a third round of $1,400 stimulus payments, topping off the $600 checks that were , and adding up to $2,000.

Congress passed the coronavirus relief plan with targeted income limits for maximum stimulus payments to individual taxpayers earning under $75,000 and joint filers making up to $150,000. But whereas the first and second rounds of stimulus payments phased out checks on a sliding scale of $5 for every $100 over the income limit, the new plan cuts off high earners at $80,000 for individuals and $160,000 for couples.

Eligibility for the third stimulus checks is based on your tax filing status. For more information on who qualifies for a third stimulus check, our tables below will help you calculate different payment options.

How Will I Be Receiving My Third Stimulus Check

If you didnt submit a 2019 or 2020 tax return or used the Non-Filers tool in 2020 and you receive your monthly Social Security benefits by Direct Express card, its likely your third payment will be added to your Direct Express card, according to the Social Security Administration and this informational PDF from Direct Express. Note that youll receive one free withdrawal in addition to your usual free monthly withdrawal for monthly benefits.

For the first two 2020 stimulus payments, most SSI and SSDI recipients received them through a non-Direct Express bank account or as a paper check if they didnt have current bank account information on file with the IRS. The IRS said SSI and SSDI recipients should have gotten their latest round of stimulus money the same way they received their earlier payments, including Direct Express for some.

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California $500 Golden Stimulus Dependent Check

CA Governor Newsom recently announced, thanks to large state budget surplus and federal funding via the Biden ARPA stimulus package, another $12 billion in direct cash payments to Californians. This expansion, called the Comeback Plan is in addition to the recent Golden State Stimulus, provides $1100 in additional direct payments to middle-class families that make up to $75,000. It will provide $600 direct payments to adults. Qualified families with dependents, including undocumented families, will also be eligible for an additional $500 dependent payment. This will include dependents in undocumented families.

To get this payment you would have needed to file your 2020 tax return . Income data in your tax return will be the main source for determining eligibility for these payments. I will provide more updates as details and payment dates are released. You can follow along via the options below

Do College Students Adult Dependents Get The Third Stimulus Check

Petition · Give stimulus checks for adult dependents ...

Unlike the first and second rounds of checks, payments for dependents in the third round are not restricted to only children under 17.

According to the IRS website: Eligible families will get a payment based on all of their qualifying dependents claimed on their return, including older relatives like college students, adults with disabilities, parents and grandparents.

Now its important to note that if youre a dependent, the check wont go to you, itll go to whoever claims you as a dependent.

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Who Are The Dependents To Get A Stimulus Check

The dependents are an adult aged by 17 and older. When a taxpayer provides a tax return, a dependent may be claimed during that tax return. If someone is claimed as a dependent during tax return, they are not entitled to pay any tax return. But they can qualify for a third stimulus check in 2021 in case they are claimed as dependent on the 2020 tax return.

There are more than 26 million people are going to be eligible for direct payment from the Federal government. So the eligibility as dependents is here for information.

  • Those who are high school students up to 17 years old and were claimed as a dependent.
  • The college students who are over 17 years old and were claimed as dependents.
  • Elderly and Disabled were claimed by someone else.

Moved Or Changed Your Bank Account Information

If your bank account has changed, the bank will return the money and the IRS will issue a paper check to your last known address. If you have moved, make sure you set up mail forwarding with the United States Postal Service so you can receive any mailed check at your current address:

Learn more about free resources to help you file your taxes on our Tax Help page. Entering a bank account when you file taxes will help you receive your stimulus check faster. Learn more on our Banking Help page.

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When Should I Receive The Stimulus Check

For those who have e-filed tax returns with the IRS in the past or otherwise provided the IRS with their direct deposit information, the IRS started to direct-deposit stimulus money last weekend.

Other individuals will receive their payments by mail. The IRS will start mailing some checks in mid-March. If you received the first or second stimulus check by direct deposit, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive the third check by direct deposit, especially if you filed your tax return after your first or second stimulus payment and didn’t use direct deposit for your tax refund.

Will I Receive A Stimulus Check If I Pay Child Support Or Am In Arrears

Who gets the stimulus check for adult dependents: 2 Wants to Know

If you are on the Treasury Offset list for owing child support arrears or if your child support payments are more than 90 days delinquent, your 1st stimulus check will probably be reduced by the amount you owe in child support. You should contact the Texas Attorney General Child Support Division in order to work out arrangements to resolve your debt. To find out if your name is on the Treasury Offset list call the toll-free IRS number at 304-3107.

The 2nd and 3rd stimulus check will not be reduced if you are on the list for owing child support payments. You will still receive the full amount you are entitled to receive.

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Which Of My Dependents Qualify For The Third Stimulus Check

For the third stimulus check, all your dependents qualify, regardless of age. This means that for each child or adult dependent you have, you can claim an additional $1,400.

This is different from the first and second stimulus checks, which only allowed child dependents to get the additional payment.

Stimulus Checks: Marriages And Divorce

Q. We got married in 2020 how does that affect the amount we will get?A. Filing as jointly married versus separate for 2020 wont change the total maximum stimulus amount and you wont have to repay any stimulus you already received. However, now that youre married, you should determine whether it makes more sense to file jointly or separately, and its possible that one spouse with a higher income could affect eligibility for the recovery rebate credit.

For example, lets say you and your spouse had AGI amounts of $35,000 and $105,000 respectively. As single filers, youd receive the full stimulus payment because your AGI of $35,000 is below the threshold, but your spouses AGI of $105,000 would be over the limit and wouldnt qualify for a stimulus payment. However, if you file jointly for 2020, your combined AGI of $140,000 is below the threshold for joint filers, so you could claim your spouses portion as the recovery rebate credit.

Those who get married in 2021 will have a similar situation when they file their 2021 return.

Q. How does a recent divorce affect my stimulus check?A. What if you were married and filed jointly on your tax return and have since become separated or divorced? If the IRS issued a payment based on a jointly filed return, you will allocate half of each payment to each spouse when you calculate your credit on your single status returns.

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Looking For More Stimulus Information

Find out about stimulus checks/payments for Social Security and railroad retirement beneficiaries.

Visit the IRS economic income payment information center for additional situations not covered here.

Stay up-to-date with our coronavirus resources

We know theres a lot of information to take in these days. To help keep you informed, we created a Coronavirus Tax Resource Center where you can find the latest news and details regarding tax extension dates, stimulus relief and more.

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You Are Eligible As An Independent If:

SSI and Veterans Affairs beneficiaries have until May 5 to ...
  • Turned 24, graduated, or started working in 2020: some college students may have received their diploma, married, or turned 24 years of age in 2020. If you have started work and/or moved out of your parents house, you would be most likely eligible for a $1,800 stimulus check . You are eligible because of your lifestyle change between 2019 and 2020.
  • However, there are other criteria to be met before you can apply. They include:
  • You must earn up to $75,000 as a single adult or $150,000 as a couple. You would not get the stimulus if by the first round you have earned more than $99,000 as a single adult and $198,000 as a couple.

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Are There Different Rules For Dependents With Disabilities

With the third stimulus check, the qualification of dependents of any age now means that dependents with certain disabilities count toward the household total. For tax purposes, the IRS defines this group as “permanently and totally disabled,” and these individuals also count as a child dependent on your tax return, regardless of their age. The IRS says your child falls under this category if both of the following apply:

  • The person isn’t able to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of a physical or mental condition.
  • A doctor determines the condition has lasted or can be expected to last continuously for at least a year or can lead to death.

The rule has been different for stimulus checks so far. With the first two stimulus checks, children who are disabled or aged 17 years or older were not eligible for the money allotted to child dependents, unless they were aged 16 or younger on the relevant tax return used to calculate the stimulus payment. For the third check, all dependents are eligible for a payment of up to $1,400, regardless of age or disability status.

Who Is Eligible For The Third Stimulus Check

While eligibility is similar to the first and second stimulus checks, there are differences. There are four primary requirements:

1. Income: The income requirements to receive the full payment are the same as the first and second stimulus checks. There is no minimum income needed to qualify for the payment. Households with adjusted gross income up to $75,000 for individuals will receive the full payment. The third stimulus payment starts to phaseout for people with higher earnings. The third stimulus checks maximum income limit is lower than the first and second stimulus check. Single filers who earned more than $80,000 in 2020 are ineligible for the third stimulus check.

View the chart below to compare income requirements for the first, second, and third stimulus checks.

Income to Receive Full Stimulus Payment First Stimulus Check Maximum Income Limit Second Stimulus Check Maximum Income Limit Third Stimulus Check Maximum Income Limit
Single Filer

2. Social Security Number: This requirement is different from the first and second stimulus check.

Any family member that has a Social Security number or dependent can qualify for the third stimulus check. For example, in a household where both parents have ITINs, and their children have SSNs, the children qualify for stimulus checks, even though the parents dont.

See the chart below for further explanation of how this works.

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The Eip Stimulus Payment Prepaid Card: Not A Scam How To Avoid Fees

Some people will receive a prepaid EIP Card intstead of a check. There will be some customer identification needed to activate the card so it can’t be stolen from the mail and activated.

Click on this link for more information on how to use the card. Visit to see the fee schedule, FAQs and more information.

The IRS has started sending letters to people telling them if they have an unactivated EIP card. If you receive this letter or believe you accidentally threw out the EIP card, call 1-800-240-8100. More information can be found by clicking here.

If You Receive Ssa Va Or Railroad Benefits And Have Dependent Children

VERIFY: What Dependents qualify for the $600 stimulus check?

Some recipients of certain federal government benefits, who were not required to file income tax returns, will automatically receive their EIPs in the same way that they receive their benefits.

However, if youre a beneficiary with dependents, the IRS urges you to use the non-filer tool through September 30, 2020, to provide information on your qualifying children in order to receive supplemental payments. If you dont submit your information before the deadline, you can file a 2020 tax return by the 2021 tax filing deadline in order to receive your payment next year.

An EIP can provide critical financial relief during these challenging times. Learn more about the COVID-19 economic stimulus relief payments and other ways to protect your finances during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Qualifications For A 1st Or 2nd Stimulus Check:

  • You have a Social Security number, or you have a Taxpayer Identification Number and are married to a person with a Social Security number.
  • You meet the income limits.
  • You are not claimed as a dependent on another tax return for 2020.
  • You file a tax return for 2020 and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit.

On your 2020 federal return, you should report the amount of stimulus you received. Anyone who was paid should have received Notice 1444 in the mail. The amounts are also reported on your IRS web account.

If you got anything less than the maximum amount $1,200 for single filers or $2,400 for couples in the first round, and $600 for singles or $1,200 for couples in the second round then your 2020 AGI will be used to determine how much credit you qualify for.

The good news: Thereâs no so-called clawback provision in the relief legislation. Anyone who qualified for a payment based on their 2018 or 2019 income, but doesnât qualify based on their 2020 income because itâs too high, wonât have to pay back what they already got.

If that sounds like a lot of work, donât worry. Youâll only have to answer a few questions if you use online tax software all the calculations will be done for you. The deadline to file your tax return is April 15, unless you get an extension but that will only prolong receipt of your stimulus money.

How Can A Dependent Get The $1400 Stimulus

In theory, primary taxpayers receive stimulus money for their dependents because they’re financially supporting them. Legally, the $1,400 doesn’t “belong” to the dependent even though they may be the reason the sum is being sent.

But there are always exceptions. So, how can you fix this? Are dependents powerless to get their own stimulus checks?

Per the text of the American Rescue Plan, dependents don’t qualify for their own stimulus checks. The law specifically defines an eligible individual as anyone who’s not a nonresident alien or an “individual who is a dependent of another taxpayer” for the year in question.

Solutions are slim. If you cannot be claimed as someone elses dependent, then you could file your own tax return. But the law forbids people from being “taken into account more than once,” including “by reason of a change in joint return status or dependent status” between two years.

There is also a timing issue to be aware of. Stimulus payments are going out now based on people’s 2019 and 2020 tax returns. The IRS is planning to adjust payments this summer and next tax season.

All of that considered, your best bet may be to politely asking the taxpayer who claims you to pass along the funds.

This story has been corrected to include more accurate information about federal income taxes and filing status.

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